Transforming the understanding, teaching, and learning of early mathematics from the ground up

The Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute expands access to math for young children by reaching child care providers, early childhood teachers, teacher educators, administrators, and other stakeholders through professional development, research, publications, conference presentations, and a robust online presence.

成年男人午夜片_亚洲AV有码中文字幕在线观看Our work is rooted in a set of foundational math concepts that we call “Big Ideas.” These concepts are fundamental to a young child’s understanding of mathematics and can be incorporated into any early childhood curriculum.

Through our work, we help reduce anxiety around the teaching of math in the early years. When educators are comfortable teaching math, they can instill a positive mindset for a lifetime of mathematical learning and thinking.

Research shows that children in the classrooms of teachers in our projects learn more math during the school year than children whose teachers did not participate.